Professional Cleaning with Microfiber Products


Floor Cleaning

Microfiber Pocket Mop

Microfiber mop with polyester backing, pockets and colour-coded tags. 

Ideal for dusting, wet mopping and disinfection.To use with foldable mop holders for pocket mops.

Microfiber Tube Mop

With well split microfiber material, this tube mop can pick up more dirt and absorb more liquids. It’s an excellent choice for general purpose cleaning or spill pick up, as well as cleaning stubborn marks on the floors. ]Additionally, the mop comes with a color-coding system, which works well to prevent cross-contamination.

Microfiber Flat Mop Pad with

Microfiber scrubbing mop pad is suitable for wet mopping of heavy duty. With scrubbing PP yarn, it can remove tough dirts and stains easily. 

Microfiber twisted pile mop pad is idea for wet cleaning and drying. The long microfiber piles can absorb a lot of water and leave no water mark.

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Floor Dusting

Acrylic Mop for Dusting

The acrylic mop is mad of  high electrostatic charged fiber that collects and attracts dust particles, which increasing the performances of the dusting. 

This is suggested for dusting all kinds of floor.

Fiber Mop for Dusting

Made with fine fiber, this dusting mop removes and absorb fine dust from the floor.

This is suggested for dusting all kinds of floor.

Microfiber Cloth for Surface Cleaning

Microfiber Universal Cleaning Cloth

Ultra-microfiber multipurpose cloth. Used for very dirty environments. Dry polishing effect. Suitable for any surface and environment.
Microfiber denier dttex ≤ 1 for an efficient water and chemical absorption. 

Microfiber Scrubbing Cloth

Designed with one side microfiber  and one side PP scrubbing material, this cloth is suitable for hard duty cleaning. The scrubbing side can easily cleaning the hard stains. What’s more, it will not scratch the surface. 

After scrubbing, the dirt can be wiped away with the microfiber side without lint. 

The Whole Process of Producing
Microfiber Products

 This  is what we have to do during production before you receive the most premium quality of microfiber products,