Microfiber Cloth & Mitt for Auto Detailing


Car Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber Heavy Weight Car Cleaning Cloth

Made of ultra fine microfiber material and extra weight, the premium car cleaning towel is designed with great water absorbing ability. It is great for drying and polishing cars. The satin piping and round corner prevent car paint being scratched.

Microfiber Cleaning Mitt

Microfiber cleaning mitt is made of ultra fine fiber. Fiber thickness < 1 detex which makes it with great water absorbency. 

The high quality elestic cuff ensure tight fixing your hands so it will not get off while washing cars. 

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Our Services
Accessiable Communication

Accessiable Communication

Our sales team can communicate in fluent and caccurate English to understand your needs and exchange information between customers and our production team. With profound of knowledge regarding microfiber products, we can always provide you the best solutions.

Professinal R&D Service

Professinal R&D Service

With experts for raw material, weaving/knitting, dyeing and finishing, our R&D team are from the 1st generation of people who started microfiber industry in China in 1990s. In Pa Tin Da, new product development starts from the raw material. As strategic partner of CFI (Guangdong Chemical Fiber Institute), we have access to the latest techology of artificial material such as recycled yarn, doped dyed yarn and so on.

Dedicated Production Spirit

Dedicated Production Spirit

As we have been providing OEM service to many top brands around the world, being trained with high QC standards, our works from each production process including knitting, cutting, sewing, packaging have a keen spirit for every product we produce. Ordering with us, you don't need to worry about production at all as we will take good care of it.